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Buying a used car comes with many potential advantages, such as a lower price, plenty of options on the market, and a lower depreciation rate. The downside is obviously that the vehicle is no longer in perfect condition and may require repairs sooner rather than later. There are ways to reduce this risk, such as seeking a used vehicle with only one previous owner.

What Is a One-Owner Vehicle?

A one-owner vehicle is a used vehicle with only a single owner throughout its entire life span. They tend to be preferred by used car buyers since they’re perceived as more reliable than used cars with two or more previous owners. This has prompted car dealerships, such as Gerry Lane Enterprises, to include a special category on their used-vehicle inventory page, separating one-owner vehicles from other used cars.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Buying a One-Owner Vehicle?

Choosing a used vehicle with only one previous owner presents many advantages.

More Information About a Car’s History

A car with multiple previous owners has a much higher chance of not having a full service history available. If one of its previous owners didn’t keep all service documentation or lost it, a new buyer may have trouble determining whether or not that car was properly serviced throughout its lifetime. Failing to perform basic maintenance on time may lead to more issues. For instance, not replacing the oil and filters on time can lead to ineffective engine lubrication and damage to essential components.

Drivers Tend To Have Different Driving Styles

All drivers have slightly different driving styles. Some drive more aggressively, while others tend to be more laid back with their driving. A used car with multiple drivers has likely been driven in many different ways since it first left the dealership’s lot. This can lead to reliability issues in the future since each different driving style may put a strain on essential components in various ways.

A One-Owner Car Is More Likely To Be in Great Condition

A driver who has owned a single car for multiple years is generally more likely to care about it and treat it well. This type of driver is in it for the long run and doesn’t usually treat their car like a temporary possession. If a driver knows they’ll be driving the same car for a long time, they’ll be more likely to perform all maintenance operations on time, repair any issues before they escalate, and generally make sure their car is in good condition.

A One-Owner Vehicle Likely Comes Off a Lease

Many one-owner vehicles for sale have been leased and returned to their dealerships when the lease period ended. Since a leased vehicle is subject to some restrictions, such as a yearly mileage limit, they probably have low mileage. Also, lease periods can’t last more than a few years, so buyers will get a relatively new vehicle, which will probably come with modern infotainment technology and advanced driver aids.

Increased Peace of Mind

Finally, although this may be subjective, a buyer will probably be happier at the end of the day knowing that a single person owned a car before them. They’ll probably be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, and it may ease their mind knowing that not many people have sat where they’re now sitting.

Is It Always Wrong To Buy a Used Car With Multiple Previous Owners?

It’s possible to find a used vehicle with multiple previous owners in excellent condition. However, the chances of that happening are considerably lower, and someone looking for their next vehicle probably doesn’t want to take any chances with such an important purchase. A few important points warrant consideration when considering a used car with multiple previous owners. First, the car should be thoroughly inspected by an experienced technician. Then, it should be taken for a long test drive to make sure it runs as it should.

Do One-Owner Cars Cost More Than Those With Multiple Previous Owners?

A car with a single previous owner is likely to be more expensive than an identical one with multiple previous owners. The price difference isn’t necessarily due to the single ownership, though. Instead, the factors that make buying a one-owner car a better idea are the ones that increase its price. The most relevant of these include a better-documented service history, lower mileage, and less wear and tear.

Although it’ll probably cost a little more, the car will be less likely to require expensive repair and maintenance in the future. Also, although it won’t be a one-owner car anymore if it’s sold in a few years, it may get a good price as long as it’s in good condition and all the maintenance and repair records are available and up to date. Overall, the factors requiring consideration before buying a used car include the following:

  • Its general condition: Getting a used car in good condition can save a lot of money on repairs later on.
  • Its service history: The likelihood that the vehicle was properly maintained increases with the quality of the service history documentation.
  • Its ownership history: Besides the number of owners, a buyer should also check whether the vehicle was ever reported stolen or repossessed due to failure to pay the car loan or lease.

Check Out Our One-Owner Vehicle Inventory at Gerry Lane Enterprises

Here at Gerry Lane Enterprises, all our used vehicles are thoroughly inspected and in good condition. If you’d like the extra peace of mind that comes with getting a used car with a single previous owner, we invite you to browse the selection on our website, find the vehicle that suits you best, and contact us to arrange a test drive.

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